Go-to-Market: Event monthly

Join us at the St. Johns Innovation Centre for offcial Re-Opening - and - Tea Time with Talent Elite.

Find all Cowly Road Event details here soon, plan for the date is the 15th of June 2022

Tara and George are the monthly hosts for one hour of showing you around - at tea time. Forecasting & Allocation of revenue and resources, how we develop data-backed plans for future growth and expansion, how to dive much deeper into sales forecasting, how we help implementing most suitable methods and examples of cost per revenue improvements.
Also - Presentation of our new Partner Talent Elite at St. Johns: Headhunters arrival celebrations.

Our Partners for proactive Talent Search are welcoming you

Talent Aquisition & Headhunting
flanderijn.com/talentsearch welcomes you

Talent Search Services by flanderijn.com

-- Personnel consulting begins and ends with listening --

The Manager

Our Managers are empathetic and attentive listeners who seek ways to align the personal and professional visions of clients and candidates equaly. they are getting their professional inspiration from the candidates placed by the company, those grow into unexpected roles and successfully develop their potential with our clients. Get to know them and and our Partner Talent Search Teams today.

Let's meet on IAA 2022

Our Talent Search fellowship is a newly established Partnership engaging highly professional Staffing & Recruiting Solutions. Every time when a business finds itself in the situation of onboarding new people a careful underlying process must be established, often under a lack of search specialists paired with time pressure. Sometimes this search does not play out at all. Our Talent Search Teams as accomplished spin outs have all the solutions to help within this fine field of expertise.
"Finding the right ambassadors and real doers for your role or project is not always easy. We make it easy. We bring the best to you."
Talent Search by flanderijn.com


    BE AMBITIOUS, WE ARE - Our expertise in searching connects people with talent and potential with companies. Zeitgeist - we are in the here and now, and are there to lead companies into the future.


    We do not shy from breaking down the long-established expectations of some companies, sectors and roles and filling them with contemporary potential.

  • What defines a Talent Search?

    Talent Search is defined for when creating new Teams, indeed designing teams. We are connected insiders and initiates. People as natural guides with an unbreakable instinct for other people and cultures. Trusted advisors and experts is what we are and live for. With our proven platform services we can encourage freelance and small recruiting teams to efficiently partner with us at low cost - profitable.

  • Recruiting Partners - with some we work for 20 years

    Logically our inner management team has a total of 120+ years of professional experience; Our main people had served about 15-20 years in medium-sized recruiting companies, in core positions in industry and services on international markets. Here they successfully supported companies in repositioning and growth, in terms of organizational communication, marketing and groundbreaking public relations.

We  bringing professional
people together

Have a closer look at our specialized services, as we are a Sales, Marketing, Product Development and Purchasing boutique company. We focus on customer acquisition, churn prevention, marketing and sales resilience through various channels with measurable results.

Our Team

We are particularly proud of our international staff

At the same time, we also encourage individual development. All of our collegues are specialists in exciting areas

  • George


    Managing Director: George is the Director at Flanderijn.com, DPG Consult and VP of International Sales for the Talent Elite Operation

  • Aleksejs


    Technology Principal: Aleksejs is a Senior Software Developer and Consultant Partner, he understands all technical concerns directly.

  • Tara


    Country Manager UK: Tara organizes it, ask her and you will get great support for all British/Irish affairs and more.

  • Pavla


    Inside Sales and Queries: Pavla takes care on our customers in relation to project & partner management affairs

  • Tryfon


    Managing Partner: Tryfon is characterized by his quick High-Tech comprehension and a pronounced empathy.

  • Norbert


    Managing Partner: Norbert is our solicitor and specialist for law and rights from all human resources to single work permit and more.

  • Roberta


    Part time / Student / Digital - Everybody loves Roberta. Please be accurate with her on the phone. This is what she does, listening to your inquiry to get all right at the first time. Roberta is an AI system we are developing - have your own go - ask for Roberta!-)


    If you have a question about our services, please feel free to contact us at any time! We are open Monday to Friday 8:30 - 18:30 CET


    Our phone line is available during normal business hours: (+49) 808 3548 9271


    Google Map Munich to Isen

    About Us

    We are a small, creative team, specializing in sales solutions and execution development. Our goal is to create highly-useable, lightweight, and affordable company and team performance improvement.

    84424 Isen Germany
    +49 808 3548 9270

    Talent Search Intl.
    CB4 0WS Cambridge UK
    +44 1223 422345


    New Partnership, we welcome our new collegues from Mettmann, Germany: Talent Elite GmbH

    As a new spin-out Talent Elite makes you choose from top talent. Handpicked by researchers all over Europe for the particular role. You will get laser detailed information from the candidate, his/her expectations, their career to date, their professional personality and life goals.

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