Our Portfolio

    Our Portfolio is seen as a kit for improvemets to function.

    Setup different Portfolio options with our Sales & Marketing business and Talent Aquisition modules.

    • International

      As an intermediary partner, we offer services that are comprehensively globalized.

      Our clients count from Central Europe, the UK and the United States, and is growing in the MENA-Region.

    • Customized

      Flanderijn.com delivers commercial expertise and tech-enabled solutions to drive suited revenue growth.

    • Abroad

      The trend towards relocation continues - Most large companies are internationally oriented. Companies from small countries traditionally operate internationally. This is mainly due to the fact that Switzerland or the Netherlands, for example, only offer a relatively small home market

    • Execution

      Digitization is changing the B2B business fast. Sales hardly changes. This is how companies waste potential.

    • Approved

      Appreciate the tried and tested - put the new to the test and integrate it.

      Enable successful digital transformation in work.

    • Data processing

      Data processing and miration works - Software product development - DevOps

      Also here: Appreciate the tried and tested - put the new to the test and integrate it.


      Actionable, lectured poeple with quality resonse at all times.

      Your call to action

      Our message is clear and simple. Our company is made of organizational skills, discipline, independence and motivation, as we are creative and highly responsive people with good interpersonal skills for to be working in dynamic teams of all ages.

      Latest Techniques

      Our orientation has been developing for years along latest industrially and commercially proven field knowledge.

      Latest Industrial Techniques

      As the central interface to the customer, digital sales & marketing in combination with legacy strenth is the decisive factor in the future success of the company. The use of new technologies and AI in digital selling has permanently changed the needs of business people, stakeholders and their customers and logically is here to stay.

      Fast and Measurable

      Well proven actionable framework to provide optimum results.

      Measurable Steps

      Sales forecasts are, of course, forecasting revenue over different time periods so companies can allocate resources as needed and develop data-backed plans for future growth and expansion. We dive much deeper into sales forecasting, discussing most suitable methods and examples of forecasting techniques so to help your business grow and be - profitable.

      DevOps? LOVE working in Big Cities?

      Don't be shy, it's work out there for you

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      Professional Service Templates

      Compiled for:Your Success & our People Service

      Our methodological approach is an in-depth assessment of your company's capability to unlock more organic, profitable and sustainable growth with existing resources and skills through aligning your sales, marketing and customer success teams with the customer. Generate more growth from your commercial data, technology and relationship assets optimizing the performance of your business operations, processes and systems with an investment of just a few hours from your sales and marketing leadership. With our professional service templates we support to quickly understand, visualize, agree and prioritize the steps your business in the short, medium and long term to grow faster and stronger - profitable!


      • Proven Consulting Modularity
      • Future-ready digital sales
      • Optimizing Partner Strategies
      • Transforming Channel Sales
      • Go-to-Market Drive
      • Cloud Adoption
      • Support Desk Elevation
      • Cost Center to Revenue Center & Digital Evolution

      • Technical Sales Services
      • Tech-Enabled Pipeline Management
      • Lead-to-Revenue Acceleration
      • Digital Demand Generation
      • Reduce Churn
      • Revitalize Revenue
      • Digital Inside Sales
      • Sales Methodology Evolution

      Professional References:
      MigrateDMS Software & Services

      Europe's Data Migration Eco System will look at an iteresting year.
      Lets discuss their use cases and market experiences in the very detail. Resellers are welcome!

      We  bringing professional
      people together

      Have a closer look at our specialized services, as we are a Sales & Marketing, Product Development and strategic Purchasing boutique company. We focus on customer acquisition, churn prevention, marketing and sales resilience through various channels with measurable results.

      Our Team

      We are particularly proud of our international staff

      At the same time, we also encourage individual development. All of our collegues are specialists in exciting areas

      • George


        Managing Director: George is the Director at Flanderijn.com - Digipower Consult and CEE Sales Consultant with our joint DevOps M365 migration operations / f.migr8

      • Stephan


        Managing Partner / COO: Stephan from Munich makes software for 30 years, oversees all projects & staffing: His specs are: Ajax, Asterisk, C/C++, CGI/Perl, Java, jQuery, MySQL, PHP, WAP...

      • Tara


        Country Manager UK: Tara organizes it, ask her and you will get great support for all British/Irish affairs and more.

      • Aleksejs


        Technology Principal: Aleksejs is a Senior Software Developer and Consultant Partner, he understands all technical concerns directly.

      • Mohan


        Managing Director: Mohan is the brain behind 365optimise Ltd. and an executive managing partner for professional data management services.

      • Pavla


        Inside Sales and Queries: Pavla takes care on our customers in relation to project & partner management affairs

      • Norbert


        Managing Partner: Norbert is our solicitor and specialist for law and rights from all human resources to single work permit, international contracts and more.

      • Tryfon


        Managing Partner: Tryfon is characterized by his quick High-Tech Marketing comprehension and pronounced empathy as a truly outstanding start-up ventures specialist.


        If you have a question about our services, please feel free to contact us at any time! We are open Monday to Friday 8:30 - 18:30 CET


        Our phone lines are available during normal business hours: (+49) 808 3548 9271 ; New: Coburg (+49) 956 1679 3885


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        About Us

        We are a small, creative team, specializing in sales & data solutions and development. Our goal is to create highly-useable, lightweight, and affordable company and team performance improvement.

        84424 Isen Germany
        +49 808 3548 9270

        Talent Search Intl.
        CB4 0WS Cambridge UK
        +44 1223 422345


        New Partnership, we welcome our new collegues from Peterborough-UK: 365optimise Ltd.

        2023 - As a new spin-out 365optimise Ltd. makes you choose from top talented data migration veterans. Handpicked specialists service all over Europe and the UK. You will get laser detailed information from our joint tooling specialists from their center of gravity: High profile M365, SharePoint and Teams migrations, along a great sense of their professional personalities.

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